There is no better place to indulge in the delights of New South Wales’ premium wine-producing region than Ballina. It is a beautiful town located on the banks of Richmond River, speckled with the best restaurants, cafes, fine dining options, culinary scenes, art and craft exhibitions and renowned vineyards and other entertainment hubs. You can explore the entire town via our Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival.

This food and wine festival is organised every year in October to let people across Australia and overseas countries to discover more about our regional food, wine produces, local produce and products, best restaurants, cafes and fine dining destinations. We take you closer to nature while letting you enjoy different styles of wine, craft beers, cider, spirits and other handcrafted cocktails. Our festival offers the unforgettable journey of discovery via the stunning vineyards and other tourist destinations. You can be a part of this celebration and satisfy your hunger pangs by tasting the city’s best food prepared by Ballina’s renowned chefs.

Key Attractions

This year Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival will be featuring 4 different events at different locations. The key attraction will be a fusion of Ballina’s best local produce, products, and culinary scenes, chefs with superior quality of wines, beers, cider and spirits. You can enjoy gourmet dinners, taste different varieties of wines, relish live singing performances, discover vineyards, water surfing activities and a lot more. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets today!

Celebrating the Taste of Ballina, New South Wales

Nothing can be more exciting than relishing the culinary delights of Ballina in our wine and food festival. Our 4-day festival will be featuring the best restaurants where local and professional chefs will impress you by letting you enjoy the best food in the town. Not only the culinary experience will change on a daily basis, but also the atmosphere, events and music. Inspired by traditional recipes, diverse culture, geography and style, each day you will unleash better options in terms of food and wine. So, be prepared to experience the unique dishes by local chefs at Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival.

Developing Ballina’s Local Community

Ballina is best known for running one of the oldest wine and food festivals in New South Wales. This is the 9th year and every year the proceeds are donated to major causes of a local community and international projects. The idea is to develop the local community of Ballina and encourage local beneficiaries such as Ballina Lighthouse, Heartfelt House, Orange Sky Laundry, Marine Rescue Unit, etc. to make a contribution in Ballina’s economy.

Trip to The Electrifying Night Market

Our wine and food festival features stalls showcasing the Ballina’s culinary professionals, caterers, restaurants, winemakers, and beer makers with a focus to promote local produce and products. Join us for a beautiful and vibrant evening of great local wine, food, music and other activities under the stars.

Spectacular Views over Richmond River

With mesmerising views over the Richmond River, enjoy gala dinner, hot sizzlers, handcrafted wines, beers, platters and live music. At Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival, we create special moments for you by organising gourmet dinner for couples. This is a perfect food and wine event.