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Delve into the Taste of Ballina


If you enjoy sipping on fine wine while savouring a delicious meal, then you must come to check out the Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival. This festival is a grand celebration of handcrafted wine, spirits, beer, local produce and unique products. At this festival, you will get a taste of the local culture and flavour of Ballina and its neighbouring regions in New South Wales that will help you create fond memories. The best part is that there are over 50 winemakers at this festival, where you can taste delicious wine and watch how wine is made and take a fun and exciting wine tour.

At this event, you can come with your family and friends and enjoy exciting events throughout the day and gorge on delicious culinary cuisines from this region. You can spend as much time here as you want to watch some of New South Wales’s finest exhibitors, chefs, winemakers and collaborators in action. Enjoy Ballina’s local creations and fine dining options and an electrifying festival. So, go on and book your tickets to this amazing food and wine festival today and have the time of your life!


If you are a wine-lover, you will have a gala time at the Ballina Food and Wine Festival, as there are a variety of handcrafted wines to taste here. Join in the exciting atmosphere of this festival, where you will be surrounded by only the best alcoholic beverages and scrumptious food in Ballina. You will want to visit this festival again every year, as the warmth of the locals and delicious food and wines will win you over.

At this festival, you can enjoy a fun wine tour in New South Wales and see how our local winemakers pick and crush the best quality grapes. You can also try your hand at making wines like Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc, to get an idea of the rich wine heritage of Ballina. Our local wine experts will also be willing to answer your questions so you can fire away and ask about your favourite wine. Our winemakers will also guide you on the best wines to pair with delicious dishes so that you can enjoy a gala dinner and create amazing memories.

If you are visiting Ballina during the Christmas holidays, there are various fun activities to look forward to. For instance, the Santa’s Wonderland and Christmas Day Lunch events across Ballina will kickstart your day before you head here for the Wine and Food Festival. You will see how the locals enjoy their wine and food during the holiday season.

This festival will leave you and your family with the fondest memories, where gala celebrations, luxurious lunches and local wines and spirits will be the highlights. You can participate in this mega festival’s pomp and vibrant celebrations and enjoy a grand event.


Explore the turquoise beaches, scenic landscapes, heritage buildings, cultural zones and vibrant streets of Ballina on the North Coast of New South Wales. Situated near the Richmond River, this scenic town knows how to celebrate its culture and showcases its local flavour with the finest wines and amazing dishes and local produce. You can enjoy the true beauty of nature in this town, where there are plenty of iconic landscapes where you can stroll around. This town is also filled with fun water-based activities to give you that much-needed adrenaline rush.

If you are curious about how the local wines are made, you can visit the Fine Wine and Food Festival, where the winemakers will show you the entire process, from plucking the grapes to adding yeast to ferment the wine. You can also try out as many wines as you like, pair them with tasty treats at this event, and invoke your tastebuds. This festival is a good representation of Ballina’s rich cultural heritage and diversity and will help you to cherish some memorable moments.

Join in the fun where besides good food and tasty wines, there will also be entertaining activities like hot ballooning, cycling, cooking, wine tasting and more. It would be best if you came here during your Christmas and New Year’s holidays as the weather is warm and inviting, and you will have ample time to explore the various event highlights. Get started on your magical journey in this beautiful festival in Australia and enjoy exhilarating nights filled with local wines, beers, ciders, spirits and mouth-watering dishes!

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