The Annual Ballina Prawn Festival is one of most happening things in the coastal city of Ballina, New South Wales. People across Australia come to the town to celebrate the local seafood and maritime heritage in the most fun and engaging way. The festival is boasts of delicious food, dance parade, cooking competitions, café exploration, entertainment and much more.

If you are passionate about food and wine, you must attend the Ballina Prawn Festival once in your lifetime. Here are some key highlights to let you unveil the best things about this food and wine festival in Ballina. It is good to prepare everything and create lasting moments with your family, friends and loved ones.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Participate in Local Parade

One of the iconic highlights of Annual Prawn Festival is the local prawn parade. The electrifying procession features a range of marching bands, floats, community groups, dancers, etc to celebrate the different types, recipes and versions of prawn.

The parade starts from the vibrant streets of Ballina and spectators can explore the vibe and feel of the festival and participate in the joyful celebration. You can also buy favourite wine and organise a party at home.

2. Indulge in Delightful Prawn Dishes

No prawn festival is complete without delicious, juicy and flavourful prawn dishes. You can enjoy a range of prawn-based dishes that are prepared by local chefs. This can range from prawn cocktails, rolls, paella and dumplings, offering by chefs and local food vendors.

The prawn food festival in Ballina allows you to enjoy fresh, locally-produce and delicious prawn-based recipes in the most fun setup

3. Music and Entertainment are Key Highlights

The Ballina Prawn Festival is more than food. It allows spectators to make their evening more happening through live music bands and entertainment activities. Throughout the festival, you can enjoy local music, solo songs, cultural dance groups and much more.

You can also enjoy street performers, magicians and clowns – ideal for children and teens. The entertainment programs can help you stay engaged throughout the day.

4. Engage in Fun Activities

Do not forget to engage in family-friendly activities, which include:

  • Cooking competition
  • Carnival games
  • Face paintings
  • Fun rides, etc

While enjoying prawns, you can also participate in these activities and create unforgettable memories.

5. Witness Fireworks

The show stopper of the festival is jaw-dropping fireworks. The finale is worth to witness and the best way to end the celebration of prawns and local festivities. Make sure you attend the firework session and connect better with the community. The colourful  explosion resonates with the theme and five of the festival- which is crucial for every event.

You can also attend wine tasting event in Ballina, NSW and taste premium and local produce wines.

Wrapping up

These are some of the key highlights of Annual Ballina Prawn Festival that are enough to encourage you for the next year. Make sure you prepare in advance, wear your favourite outfits and enjoy the delicious food, wine and cultural festivals.