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Wine Tasting: 7 Premium Wine Types in Ballina

Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival allow you to explore everything about Ballina – regional food, local produce and products, wine produces, restaurants, cafes and excellent dining destinations. Our sole purpose is to take you closer to fresh and high-quality food and wine. Being one of the largest wine-producing regions, Ballina boasts of an excellent range of wine types and breweries. From red to white wine, sparkling to fortified wine, you can pick up your type of wine and taste it in a chilled out and vibrant atmosphere.
So, here, we bring you the seven premium wine types that you can explore in Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival.

1. Sparkling Wine

Labelled under the Champagne family, Sparkling Wine is one of the most elegant and finely-produced wines in the world. It comes from the region of France and is produced using a traditional process called Methode Champenoise. Sparkling Wine is made up of using three different varieties of grape including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.
It ranges from full-bodied and rich to light bodied and delicate. It also comes in quite a sweet flavour that gives the taste of fruit punch because they are lower in alcohol as compared to other wines.
Sparkling wine can be served best with stuffed mushrooms, egg dishes and smoked salmon. So, the next time you pop the cork of Sparkling Wine, have these dishes as well.

2. Merlot 2013

The 2013 Merlot is a dense red coloured wine which has a deeper texture and strong fragrance. This particular wine is popular among women because it gives the fresh aromas of macerated strawberries, black cherry and baking spices. This wine has understated a silky, tannins and sensuous texture which is produced using a traditional method. It is super easy to drink, but difficult to forget it as it gives the taste blasts of fresh fruit flavours.
In addition to this, Merlot 2013 provides an exceptional experience when compared with beef, stews, roasted meat and game meat.
In a nutshell, Merlot 2013 is a perfectly bottled and balanced version of Merlot.

3. Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

The 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon is a deeply-textured and well-structured wine that merges intense flavours with richness. Sweetened and bright aromas of plum and red currant enhance the complex tastes of mocha and blackberry.
It tastes not only good but also represents exceptional balance and expression of fruit framed by sweet tannins that bring finesse to the finish. You can also discover the flavours of cedar shavings and dried cherries along with soft herbal notes.
This wine pairs well with slow cooker beef stew, blue cheese burgers, lamb shanks and BBQ chicken.

4. Oak Aged Chardonnay 2005

A stylish, beautifully-packed and flavoursome Oak Aged Chardonnay 20015 embraces a solid colour with a sweet kiss of pure oak buttery, blackcurrant and rockmelon flavours. It was aged in French Oak for more than 18 months. The wine gives a smooth, creamy and fruity taste that you will never get tired of.
Full-bodied, sweet, beautifully integrated, creamy and deeper texture and rockmelon flavours made this wine one of the finest collections in Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival.
You can pair Oak Aged Chardonnay 2005 wine with corn chips, popcorn, toaster pastries, pistachios, fruit snacks, etc.

5. Unwooded Chardonnay

Unwooded Chardonnay wine is crafted using white grapes and then fermented to give you the mouth-filling texture with a rich taste. It offers good length and drinkability features to let you cherish its natural taste with your favourite evening snack.
This wine is for those who want to elevate their wine tasting experience and want to explore pretty rich, intense and compelling flavours. Apart from this, it is delicious and can make you fall in love with it.
Enjoy Unwooded Chardonnay wine with yogurt marinade and barbecued veggies.

6. Colombard 2018

This is one of the most superior yet forgotten French varieties that is making a comeback with a strong outcome. This specific wine gives the rich aromas and flavours of apple, apricot and sweet citrus with fresh acid. You will love the taste of Colombard 2018 because it is crafted with white grapes and processed with love and care.
The wine suits best with seafood, salmon fish and BBQ veggies.

7. Classic Tawny Port

Classic Tawny Port is ideal for dessert lovers. The tawny shows a complex fortified wine style which is rich in texture and blasts the flavours of fruits in your mouth when you take a sip. The best thing about this wine is that it is packaged in a beautiful engraved bottle which looks classic and stylish. It is also ideal for precious gifts.


These are the seven most premium and super-delicious wine types in Ballina, NSW. You will definitely fall in love with them.

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